Traveling North and South Without a U-Turn

You’ve probably seen the train traveling south and it looks like we are driving backwards! Actually, the Engineer controls the train from the locomotive when traveling north. Then when we need to return south, they simply exit the locomotive and access duplicate controls in a secured area at the end of the passenger car.

Ariel View of Station House Lake Mary
Sunrail Train Wheel

Scheduling Trains

There is a great deal that goes into scheduling trains and when they travel. From the SunRail Operations Control Center, we are able to manage all train traffic coming through Central Florida including SunRail, Amtrak and freight trains. This is very important for many reasons but the most important is safety. If trains are not scheduled properly, they could collide with other locomotives or injure workers who may be repairing equipment on or near the tracks. By using Global Positioning Systems (GPS), speed limits, radio communications and security cameras, the Dispatch team at the Operations Control Center is able to act as an all-knowing wizard directing train engineers where, when and how fast they can travel. If there is an emergency on the tracks, the Dispatch center will stop train traffic or move slowly around the area on the opposite track.